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Extensive experience in data processing with emphasis on personal computers. Experienced in programming in MicrosoftT Visual Studio (Visual Basic 6.0 {Enterprise Edition}, Visual InterDev), Microsoft Access 2000, ORACLE 8i, SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft QuickBasic, C language, and Microsoft-DOS batch; development in dBASE III Plus, Clipper Compiler, Q&A, Paradox, Microsoft Windows 95; use of and instructor in Microsoft Word and Excel, WordPerfect, Lotus 1-2-3. Additional programming experience on an IBM 370 mainframe using CICS COBOL.

Sep '03 - Present Attending Houston Community College to earn a degree from Texas A&M University in Business Management in Computer Science.
Feb '03 - Jun '03 Contract Programmer - Computer Technology Search (MAGIC) - Houston, Texas
Aramark - Houston Texas (Houston Independent School District Food Services)
  Provided programming services using Visual Basic 6 to create a school year calendar to keep track of certain meal-time events. The annual calendar was created as an ActiveX control which could be placed on multiple forms.
  Created ASPs to launch Crystal 8 reports showing results of meal-time events for each school using SQL Server 7 queries to access a SQL Database.
 Created Crystal 8 reports launched from the ASPs which had drill-down capabilities.
Nov '00 - Mar '02 Senior Programmer/Analyst - Dril-Quip, Inc. - Houston, Texas
  Modified user's Access database, "Advanced Prospective Inventory" (DQ-API) and converted it to Oracle 8i. DQ-API receives downloaded data from an oil drilling service and presents it to the Sales department for additional input. Also created an internal web page to view data from the Oracle tables.
  Designed and maintained a Rental Tool Inventory System (DQ-RENT), which provided the company with a better ability to track the location and status of offshore deep-sea rental tools using Visual Basic 6, Oracle 8i and asp.
  Modified an Access database application (SERVICE) used by offshore personnel to email tool requirements made by the customer to the main office.
 Designed and implemented an intranet web based indexing system for the Engineering department to track drawings, proposals, documentation, etc.
Sep '00 - Nov '00 Contract Programmer - Computer Technology Search (MAGIC) - Houston, Texas
InterCom Interactive - The Woodlands, Texas

Designed an ActiveX control to emulate a mainframe Telex terminal. The control has the capability of positioning a line cursor at any point on the screen and react to the Function keys. The VB 6 form containing the ActiveX control is used in a training program to teach the client's employees (American Express) how to operate the mainframe software.

Nov '98 - Jul '00 Senior Programmer/Analyst - Geac Property Management Solutions (AMSI) - Houston, Texas
Helped develop and maintain the following software:
 StarSite - Provides apartment managers/property management companies with a way to keep track of residents, potential residents. Includes general ledger. Created and maintained various DLLs using VB 6.0 and SQL Server 7.0
 StarService - Provides apartment managers with a way to submit and track service and maintenance requests. Continued development of software using VB 6.0 and Microsoft Access.
 Residential Utility Billing System(RUBS) - Provides a way for a monthly water bill to be divided among the residents. (Originally written by contractor). Continued modification using VB 6.0 and Microsoft Access.
 eCentral - Allows clients to draw data from various formats and combine in to customized reports. Designed using VB 6.0 and Microsoft Access
 Budget Control Ledger (BCL) DOS program for maintaining budgets including POs and invoices. Maintained BCL in Clipper
Nov '97 - Nov '98 Programmer/Analyst - Baker Petrolite - Houston, Texas
  Maintained the chemical "speciation" database started as a contract programmer through EMJAY.
 Converted a user written Paradox database Asset Tracking System to an Access 97 database with a Visual Basic 6.0 frontend. The Access/Visual Basic system allowed for a company wide Asset Tracking System which maintained the location and status of containers used to ship chemicals produced by the company. This saved Baker Petrolite thousands of dollars per year by not having containers set idle.
Apr '95 - Nov '97 Contract Programmer - Intellimark (EMJAY) - Houston Texas
Baker Petrolite (Baker Performance Chemicals, Inc.) - Houston, Texas

Developed a chemical "speciation" database using Microsoft Visual Basic 4.0 (Enterprise Edition) and Microsoft Access 7.0 that aided the chemist in blending and combining various chemicals and raw materials into a new product.

Lyondell-Citgo Refining Company, Ltd. - Houston, Texas
  Developed various applications in Microsoft Visual Basic (Profession Edition) and Microsoft Access as requested.
 Supported users in third party program packages such as "Chemmate", "ACES" and Microsoft Access applications
Kestrel - Houston Data Management, Inc. - Houston, Texas
  Produced Visual Basic index format (Microsoft Access 2.0) for document imaging system (Ascent).
 Created script files for imaging software
Sperry-Sun Drilling Services - Houston, Texas

Developed an oil well torque and drag program written in Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 and utilizing Microsoft Access 2.0 database system. Allowed used to enter data on drill string and hole data, survey data, etc. which when combined produced a graphic representation of the torque and drag characteristics of the drilling equipment.

Sep '94 to Apr '95 Programmer/Analyst - TKO Software - Houston, Texas
  Created software using Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 (Professional Edition) for water usage and water cost analysis (Irricalc and Xeri-Calc). Allowed the user to project water usage and cost for irrigation systems for golf courses, parks and residents.
 Created software using Microsoft Visual Basic 3.0 (Professional Edition) and Microsoft Access Database 1.1 for a file management system including the development of reports (File Wizard). Allowed the user to store and retrieve information on Clients, Projects and Jobs.
Mar '94 to Aug '94 Contract Programmer - Brandon Systems - Houston Texas
Irrigation Technologies, Inc.
  Provided programming services using Microsoft Extended Basic 7.1 and QuickWindows to create file structures and data entry screens used in the computerized control of irrigation systems for golf courses, public parks, etc.
 Created code used to extract data in a format that would be compatible with the software used to control the irrigation system.
Dec '93 - Feb '94 Contract Programmer - The Austin Group - Houston Texas
Hysan Corporation
Provided programming services using Thoroughbred Basic (7.1) to create 1099 Tax Forms; year-end Reports and various screen modifications.
Mar '93 - Dec '93 Contract Programmer - Phoenix Consulting, Inc./Accurate Personnel - Houston Texas
RTC (Resolution Trust Corporation)
  Converted CRES (Commercial Real Estate System) from Microsoft QuickBasic 3.0 to Microsoft Visual Basic (3.0 Professional Edition) to utilize a dbf format for compatibility with Crystal Report Writer.
  Developed database for loan history conversion using Paradox.
  Provided programming services in Microsoft Visual Basic, Microsoft QuickBasic (4.5) and Microsoft Basic (7.1).
 Produced adhoc reports using the Crystal Report Writer interface with Visual Basic.
Feb '92 - Mar '93 Contract Programmer - InstaTech - Houston Texas
Stewart & Stevenson
  Provided programming services and PC technical assistance for Welding Specifications and Qualifications, Bill of Materials and Vehicle Inspection using Q & A, Paradox, and Report Writer for the design and manufacturing of a Tactical Vehicle System for the U.S. Army.
 Developed and maintained a Parts List, Tool Kit List and Welded Parts List using Paradox.
1987 - 1991 Programmer/Analyst - University of Texas Health Science Center - Houston Texas
Data Processing Department/Development Office
  Software development on IBM PC's using dBASE III Plus (Clipper), Lotus 1-2-3 and Q&A.
  Designed a database application in dBASE III Plus (Clipper) to maintain a list of all local vendors for the University.
  Designed a vendor tracking system for the University of Texas Health Science Center's Purchasing Department using the Q & A Database System on a Compaq PC.
  Implemented a data base for the University of Texas Health Science Center's Development Offices using dBASE III Plus and Clipper which allowed the merging of alumni mailing lists from the various schools for university wide mail-outs. This avoided duplicate names in the mailing list and saved approximately 100 man-hours.
  Established and maintained a communications link (SNA) between the University of Texas Health Science Center's Fund Raising office's Wang VS-65 and Accounting's IBM 370. This allowed the electronic transfer of daily gift receipts from the Wang database to the IBM financial system thus avoiding re-entry of data.
  Database development on the Wang systems.
 Oncall programmer for IBM mainframe nightly jobs.
1979 - 1987 Senior Systems Analyst - Harris County Flood Control District - Houston Texas - Computer Section
  Managed and maintained all computer systems belonging to Flood Control, including IBM PCs, Wang VS-45, VS-65 and MVP Systems.
  Established and maintained the Flood Alert Warning System using an IBM AT with the QNX (UNIX) operating system (C Language) which made flood monitoring more efficient. This early warning system has saved the residents of Harris County hundreds of thousands of dollars in property loss each year.
  Designed and implemented a telecommunications system written in Basic and using an IBM XT which allowed consulting engineers to exchange information with Flood Control hydrologists via telephone line thus preventing manual re-entry of large volumes of engineering data.
  Designed a data base application using dBASE III Plus to maintain a Bill of Materials listing for the construction and maintenance of Flood Control ditches.
  Designed and maintained a data base application for Bid Tracking in dBASE III Plus.
 Designed and implemented a data base system using SPEED II (Wang) for Harris County Flood Control District to maintain records of all flood control construction projects and bids. This created a more efficient system of tracking tax dollars.

Machines: IBM Personal Computers (8088, 286, 386, 486, Pentium), Wang VS and MVP Series, IBM AS/400, IBM 370.
Operating Systems: Microsoft-Windows XP, NT, 2000, 98/95, Microsoft-DOS 6.22, QNX, Wang VS
Languages: Microsoft-Visual Basic, HTML, ASP, VBScript, JavaScript, Microsoft-QuickBasic, Microsoft-Basic, Thoroughbred Basic, C, CICS COBOL, PC COBOL
Databases: Oracle 8i, Microsoft-Access 7.0, SQL Server 7.0, dBASE III Plus (Clipper), Q&A, Paradox, SPEED II (Wang)
Programs: Microsoft-Visual Interdev, Microsoft-FrontPage, Crystal Report Writer, Microsoft-Word, Microsoft-Excel, Report Writer, Lotus 1-2-3, Norton Utilities, WordPerfect, TSO, CICS

  Software telephone support.
  CICS Training.
  Class in CORE - A Purchasing and Accounting Software System.
  Wang Word Processing - conducted training and evaluation.
  Conduct training in the "Jeffrey R. Shy" data base system for university fund raising.

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